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Emil Solli-Tangen

Emil underviser i sang, med 10 års erfaring fra diverse sanglærere fra store deler av verden. Han kan tilpasse er opplegg både for nybegynnere og å hjelpe allerede etablerte sangere. Pris per time er kr 700,- Ta kontakt på sangtimer@class-a.no for mer informasjon og andre spørsmål.

Didrik Solli-Tangen

In October 2009 the Norwegian audiences took notice of a young tenor performing at a benefit program on national television together with his friend Alexander Rybak. Didrik sang "Torna A Surriento" accompanied by Rybak's violin. That was the start of a magical year, which would take the young man from strength to strength. From being an unknown student of music he is now a household name in Norway.

The story started on his date of birth, 11 June 1987, in Heistad outside Porsgrunn (Norway), a town a couple of hours' drive from Oslo. Early on his parents noticed his eagerness to perform in front of any audience that would listen. As a teenager he joined a band at his local high school as a drummer and soon he changed place with the lead singer. His father saw Didrik’s potential and encouraged him to take classes with opera singer Anders Vangen. Didrik refused to do anything but pop standards, but slowly his vocal coach introduced him to classic opera. This led him to The Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo where he met many other young talented musicians. One day in a class he acquainted Alexander Rybak who let him in on a secret; he was joining the local selection of the Eurovision Song Contest with his song Fairytale. Didrik watched ringside when Alexander first conquered the Norwegian selection and later won Europe’s heart with his smashing performance.

Didrik had already acquainted songwriters and wanted to join the local selection himself. A year after Alexander, at the same stage in his native area of Grenland he took himself to the Norwegian final and won the national selection with his song "My Heart Is Yours" thus disclosing his beautiful voice for a large public. After this he performed on numerous TV shows in Norway, he sang in front of the Olympic performers and His Majesty the King. He was invited to duet with Jose Carreras as well as the world famous soprano Solveig Kringlebotn. Late in 2010 his biggest achievement came in form of his first album called Guilty Pleasures. Didrik had created a bouquet of pop songs with some of our leading songwriters and producers. He was thrilled with the result and spent a year following his dream to perform in concerts at home and abroad, including a collaboration with the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra and several performances at the National Opera in Oslo.

Didrik has also appeared in a number of TV shows, talk shows and entertainment series on Norwegian TV, like in children's programs on NRK Super, the satirical program Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen (TV 2) and in 2012 in the adventure series 71 grader Nord (TV Norge). He has also done some modelling for Norwegian and foreign companies.

But it is classical vocals he has been really dedicated to. In 2012 he passed his bachelor degree at Barratt Due with an A after three years of studies with prominent coaches like Anne Nordberg and Kjersti Ekeberg. He is also being coached by John Lidal. All the time while he is being active as a skilled and very popular performer of pop, crooner, musical and not at least classical belcanto music.

In 2012 he won the TVNorge sporting competition Celebrities 71 grader Nord after an extremely hard race along the whole of Norway. He also monitored his own show on TV Norge "Alt til salgs" in 20 episodes. In December 2012 he was touring Norway for concerts with eminent trumpetist Ole Edvard Antonsen with a classical program. Simultaneously he performed in other concerts like West Side Story and a show series with Alexander Rybak and Bettan.

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